Hello! My Name is Carly Preston and I love everything about food. I enjoy learning more about savory cooking, trying new dishes or treat recipes, and discovering a new restaurant or bakery with delicious items that expand my food experiences. My absolute favorite things to make are desserts because I grew up watching and helping my mom bake in the kitchen. Above all, I am truly passionate about food because it combines my love of art, science, and – most importantly – bringing people together.

About My Path to Starting My Own Blog:

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed crafting projects and making the creative ideas in my mind become a reality for everyone else to see. While I was in college, I did not have as much time to do craft projects between earning my Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Chemistry, a minor in Music, and working as the student lead for an on-campus entertainment event group. It was, however, during this time that I was introduced to and became obsessed with watching cooking shows.

We did not have cable growing up, so the wide range of cooking shows out there was absolutely incredible. Cooking competition shows were especially my favorite, and one show in particular featured a certain television personality who made me realize that I love learning about the science of food. This was the start of my fascination with cooking terminology and why certain steps and procedures are followed for particular cooking and baking techniques.

大学毕业后,我开始baking and cooking a lot more, as well as continuing to watch many cooking shows. It was during this period that I started baking a plethora of items, gave them away to friends and family, and got incredible feedback. Everyone was enjoying what I made, I was able to start developing my own recipes, and I began to get interest from people who wanted to buy the items I made.

After selling baked items here and there as a hobby, I realized that my true passion lies in constantly creating new items and different edible designs. I really enjoy when I think of a cake or other dessert idea in my head, and I make it a reality for everyone else to see (just like when I do my craft projects).

That is how I got to finally starting my own blog where I can share my food adventures with you. Thank you for your support and I truly hope that you enjoy the food and confections I make, as well as the restaurants and bakeries I try!