Month:December 2019

Eye-Catching Christmas Meringue Cookies

这些iry cookies are a delightful treat with so many possible applications! Between vibrant colors and and the ability to make fun shapes, meringues are perfect for making super cute holiday treats. For Christmas, I decided to make Christmas trees, Santa hats, and Christmas wreathes. These are a lovely treat […]

Spectacular Peppermint & Cookie Cake Roll

The week of yummy peppermint posts continues today with a Peppermint & Cookie Cake Roll. The best things about cake rolls are that they are super easy to make and faster to make than a traditional layer cake. This cake roll combines super moist chocolate sponge with delightful peppermint buttercream, […]

Best Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes

Welcome to Peppermint Week, Day 3! The week of delicious peppermint themed recipes and treats continues with some peppermint mocha cupcakes. Yes, this is another one of my cupcakes inspired an extremely popular Starbucks beverage. It was only within the past few years that I branched out from peppermint hot […]

Must-have Peppermint Mocha Truffles

Welcome to Day 2 of Peppermint Week! I am so excited to introduce this delightful ball of holiday yumminess because I love making new types of truffles. For these truffles, I like to use chocolate with higher percentages of cocoa, like dark and semi-sweet chocolates, because they offer better flavor, […]

Perfect Peppermint Buttercream

Welcome to Peppermint Week Day 1! We have officially arrived to my favorite of the three Christmas-themed weeks! Ever since I can remember, peppermint has always been my favorite holiday flavor. Even though I enjoy many holiday flavors, it does not feel like the holidays until I get a peppermint […]

Fabulous Snickerdoodle Christmas Wreath Cake

For the final day of Snickerdoodle Week, I made a Snickerdoodle Christmas Wreath Cake! This is a delicious cake made of moist cinnamon and vanilla sponge, a decadent ganache filing, yummy cinnamon and vanilla buttercream, covered in festive sugar sprinkles, and topped with lovely buttercream decorations! I love the traditional […]