Month:November 2019

Awesome Snickerdoodle Mocha Christmas Cake Roll

The week of delightfully yummy snickerdoodle posts continues today with a Snickerdoodle Mocha Christmas Cake Roll. This cake roll combines moist cinnamon and vanilla sponge with a creamy espresso chocolate ganache filling, a caramelized white chocolate and cinnamon ganache drizzle over the top, and festive sprinkles to complete this cinn-fully […]

Ultimate Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Welcome to Snickerdoodle Week, Day 3! Today I continue this week of snickerdoodle inspired recipes with Snickerdoodle Cupcakes! These consist of everything that makes you love a classic snickerdoodle cookie: cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and light caramel notes. The moist sponge base, smooth cinnamon and caramel ganache, silky buttercream, and sprinkling […]

Cinn-fully Delicious Snickerdoodle Buttercream

Welcome to Snickerdoodle Week Day 1! While I tend to prefer cookies made with chocolate or chocolate chips, snickerdoodle cookies are one of my top favorite non-chocolate cookies. The flavor profile of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla is a great example of how delicious a simple cookie can be. Today’s snickerdoodle […]

Decadently Delicious Hot Chocolate Cake

For the final day of Hot Chocolate Week, I made a Festive Hot Chocolate Drip Cake! This is obviously inspired by the rich chocolate indulgence that is a cup of hot chocolate. I love adding marshmallows to my hot chocolate and mixing them in so that they melt into the […]

Yummy Hot Chocolate Cake Roll

The week of decadently, delicious chocolate posts continues today with a Hot Chocolate Cake Roll. The best things about cake rolls are that they are super easy to make, faster to make than a traditional layer cake, and they look fantastic. This cake roll combines super moist chocolate sponge with […]

Greatest Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Welcome to Hot Chocolate Week, Day 3! I continue this week of decadent, chocolate posts with a simple, yet oh so yummy cupcake. This cupcake features a moist chocolate sponge, marshmallow cream filling, whipped cream, and a dusting of cocoa. What is better than that symphony of luscious chocolate, creamy […]

Simple Hot Chocolate Truffles

Welcome to Day 2 of Hot Chocolate Week! I am so excited to introduce this holiday indulgence because I love making new types of truffles. For these truffles, I like to use a combination of dark and semi-sweet chocolate chips because they offer a lovely, rich chocolate flavor. Many people […]

Creamy, Dreamy Hot Chocolate Buttercream

Welcome to Hot Chocolate Week, Day 1! Hot chocolate, as we all know, is a deliciously decadent drink enjoyed during winter, but especially during the holidays. This warm elixir makes you feel warm and cozy on the inside whether you are trying to warm up while enjoying some beautiful Christmas […]


As I promised yesterday, today’s post will answer the question: “What do I do if I have leftover apple and/or apple cider donuts that are a few days old?” My family and I faced this exact same dilemma recently after one of our trips to Apple Hill resulted in buying […]

A Fall-Time Tradition: Apple Hill (2019)

Apple Hill is one of my top favorite Fall traditions every year. The apples, the apple cider, and especially the apple donuts are all fantastic. Visiting during mid to late October is especially a treat because of the color change of the leaves. Incredible hues of yellow, orange, and a […]